What's a healthy vegan breakfast recipe?

I usually take Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries but I want to slowly convert to being vegan and gluten free



passifloraedulis July 11, 2012
Steel cut oats, a scoop of almond butter, almond milk, and honey.
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My favorite is a nice hot bowl of oatmeal with a little so delicious coconut milk, some crushed pineapple and a tbsp of ground flax seed.
Abby A. July 10, 2012
Ful medames
saragrad July 9, 2012
I would suggest a small bowl of hot brown rice and vanilla (unsweetened) almond milk, with a drizzle of little smoky maple syrup. It's filling yet doesn't weigh you down.

Or, you can try slicing a large banana in half lengthwise and spreading each half with your choice of nut butter (cashew, hazelnut or almond are great). It's also a filling breakfast that keeps you going til lunch.
susan G. July 9, 2012
Take away eggs and dairy, and you still have many wonderful foods left. And the food you eat in the morning doesn't have to be a "normal" breakfast. A bowl with cut fresh fruit and a sprinkle of granola or a slice of toast if you wish, but even many Americans start the day with a slice of pizza, leftovers, salad...
Try using the search (upper right) for 'vegan breakfast' and you should find great ideas. Look for the Breakfast Dal... Don't be afraid to eat what tastes good, even if it's not on the diner menu.
pierino July 9, 2012
A cold glass of water? Maybe from a melting glacier?
lloreen July 9, 2012
Home-made no-sugar granola with almond or soy milk and fresh berries
linzarella July 9, 2012
Rye bread spread with avocado, topped with sliced radishes, salt, lemon, olive oil.

Or this miso oat porridge, made without the butter: http://www.food52.com/recipes/3077_overnight_miso_porridge.
aargersi July 9, 2012
I make this often:

Panfusine July 9, 2012
The South Indian in me automatically reverts to saying Idli & dosas!
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