how to cool down heat in chili

i have this great spicy chili recipe i dehydrate for backpacking. we've made it before & we've been able to tweak the heat. this year same recipe, new chili powder - it exploded. we always add some molasses & brown sugar - but even adding a lot more doesn't help. i'm not sure if adding more diced tomatoes and/or bulgur would help. i won't have creme fraiche but i may have some cheese to help. i don't want to toss it out. i'd like to knock down the heat a little more, if possible, before i dehydrate it. any suggestions?

  • Posted by: srcerer
  • July 10, 2012


srcerer July 15, 2012
Adding about 1/2 more of the recipe (without the heat) did the trick. It is still spicy but it's edible.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Pegeen July 11, 2012
Ditto AllanS although you might be able to get away with adding another 1/2 batch vs full batch. Whatever. Just don't just dilute it with water only!
allans July 10, 2012
I would make another batch without the heat ingredients and add them together. Ditto on the dairy additions as well.
srcerer July 10, 2012
I think I may halve the chili - freeze one half and to the other half - add on beans, bulgur, tomatoes and maybe onions. I won't have access to sour cream when I am eating it. Maybe some cheddar cheese. But I wonder if I stir in powdered milk - if that would also help.

Thanks for the suggestions! I was afraid to straight up dilute the chili. But it looks like that is the key...
LucyS July 10, 2012
Sour cream or plain yogurt could definitely take down the heat as well.
Melusine July 10, 2012
Stirring in some canned or homemade refried beans will tone down the heat, too; ditto on the tomato juice.
Bill F. July 10, 2012
Add cooked white rice to which will thicken it up and then in turn you can add tomato juice to it.
BoulderGalinTokyo July 10, 2012
Any milk item (cheese is good) will help with heat while eating but it doesn't reduce the amount of heat. I would add some of all your other items, making 1 and half batches and hopefully the heat will lessen by diluting. Too much molassas and sugar will just make it sweet.

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