Best "leftover lunch" you ever brought to work

So today while im sitting in my cube at a software company, i cant help but be uber excited for noon. To me that meant lunch time, which also means last nights leftovers. My dinner last night was a wine&cheese lucky for me, todays lunch consists of: Homboldt fog, formage d'affinois, prima donna and ossauraty cheeses...with a side of grapes.
So i ask you, what is the best leftover lunch you have ever brought to work?



jsdunbar July 12, 2012
I love leftover home made greek-style salad (I include zucchini, broccoli, etc., whatever is on hand), alone or with chunks of chicken.
Benny July 12, 2012
Anything that can be put in between two slices of bread, or eaten cold is a winner for me. I like re-heated left overs, but the convenience of a sandwich is unmistakable for me.
linzarella July 12, 2012
leftover spaghetti, turned into a spaghetti frittata with mushrooms and squash.
kimhw July 11, 2012
Leftover braised short ribs and mashed potatoes! Mmmmm. So yummy the next day!
jmburns July 11, 2012
I love left over beef stew. Always better the next day.
mensaque July 11, 2012
I work from home,so it's easier for me.I love left over baked pasta,pot roast sandwich with lots of ketchup,and this "vegetable pudding" I make is always better the next day...It's like a heavy souflé with chopped vegetables and bacon in it.I know,I know!I sound incoherent right now,but it is what it is.Also my mother makes THE BEST meatloaf,but she's almost never in the mood to do it,and most of brazilian food is better the next day:especially feijoada.
Kristen W. July 11, 2012
Love leftover meatloaf sandwich, but gotta say, I just loooove leftover homemade pizza.
bigpan July 11, 2012
Leftover lasagna, or professional pizza - not the frozen store kind which is not yet perfected.
beyondcelery July 11, 2012
Leftover meatloaf with brown rice! I also get really excited when I made bacon and leek quiche the night before. Oh, and my homemade focaccia with lentil soup.
Lennon'sMom July 11, 2012
@midge, love leftover meatloaf sandwiches...a little ketchup/mayo on white bread...yummo!
Bill F. July 11, 2012
Hands down my favorite. Moms left over meatloaf on simple white bread... Sign me up!
nutcakes July 11, 2012
Leftover cold fried chicken.
Midge July 11, 2012
I'm with Nozlee, leftover frittata, sliced on rustic bread or baguette w/ mayo is my idea of packed lunch heaven.
Midge July 11, 2012
and leftover meatloaf sandwiches are up there too!
Nozlee S. July 11, 2012
I always love it when I get to pack steak sandwiches for lunch after having steak for dinner! I also get irrationally excited about leftover frittata, which is almost better at room temperature than it ever is while warm.
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