Whats the best way to store the unused portion of an onion? Or should it be stored at all? I hate recipes that call for 2T of chopped onion, leaving me with the vast majority of an onion to throw away.

  • Posted by: Baywife
  • July 22, 2012


ChefJune July 23, 2012
I generally just go ahead and chop the whole onion. Measure out the amount I need, and then measure out the amount left and write what that is on a small freezer baggie. Put the chopped onion in the marked baggie and into the freezer. I do that with celery, carrots and peppers as well. It's amazing how handy those little baggies of chopped veggies come in when you're in a rush.
Benny July 23, 2012
I use a medium or small sized ziplock bag. My half used onions stay firm and crisp for quite a while in the fridge like this
susan G. July 22, 2012
You can chop the rest of the onion and freeze it in a small container.
Or you can do the simplest thing in the world: Put the cut edge of the onion on a small plate or lid -- a flat surface, and put it in the fridge. In our house we use lots of onions, so it will only be there a day at most. The smooth dry outer shell of the onion won't dry out in such a short time, and I've never had trouble with onion smell transferring to other foods.
I have heard/read that onions and potatoes should not be stored together -- is that true?
ChefOno July 22, 2012

Yes, it's true. The onions will cause an increase in solanine production in the potatoes and induce sprouting (which by itself increases solanine) -- a double whammy.

petitbleu July 22, 2012
This won't work for every recipe calling for small amounts of onion, but usually, I just use a shallot or two instead of onion (no onion leftovers) OR I just take a smallish onion and use the whole thing. Otherwise, the plastic wrap trick will work just fine.
ChefOno July 22, 2012

Wrap cut onions with non-permeable plastic wrap (Glad Cling Wrap or Press 'n Seal) and store in the refrigerator until needed. Discard a thin slice of the onion before using the rest as the cut / exposed portion can take on a bitter flavor after a brief time.

This is a good example of LDPE's superiority over PVC-based plastic wraps.

Sam1148 July 22, 2012
Dang you lack of "Edit Button"....I should have mentioned you snip off the onion you use below the knot. Onions will keep several months this way in a cool dark place.
Sam1148 July 22, 2012
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and store in the 'fridge.

To store onions, whole, for long periods of time. Use some woman's nylon stockings. Put in a onion, tie a knot, add another, and knot---repeat. Then hang them up in a closet or good cool pantry.

I don't that anymore as I get strange looks when buying panty hose.
BoulderGalinTokyo July 23, 2012
Sam, you might ask female friends for stockings with runs in them, happens all the time, just thrown away.
Sam1148 July 23, 2012
I'm not if that would be better... 'hey, do you have any ahhhhh...old panty hose you aren't using--I need them to ahhhh store onions"
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