Pickled cucumbers

I live in Ireland and have not come across Shosi used in the pickled cucumber recipe. Is there a substitute I can use?

  • Posted by: Pauline
  • July 25, 2012


Ophelia July 27, 2012
It's also sometimes called "beefsteak plant". I can't remember whether my grocery store sells it as Shiso or Perilla, but my gut says the former.
Basil or mint are both okay substitutes (thai basil might be better than italian), but you might consider adding a little umeboshi paste as well, it contains shiso and has a bite similar to the fresh herb (don't add a lot though, it's pretty salty tasting).
Pauline July 26, 2012
Haven't heard of perilla, I must live in the back woods! Thanks, I'll ask my organic veg shop.
HalfPint July 25, 2012
Try mint, spearmint or peppermint.
HalfPint July 25, 2012
I also wanted to add that sometimes, shiso is called "perilla"
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