What to do with soft pickles?

I made a batch of pickles last year with cucumbers that were a little too old, so they've all turned out soft. Rather than tossing them all, I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to salvage them. Turn them into relish? Seem sort of dip? Any ideas?



beejay45 June 15, 2013
If you feel like experimenting, you could try doing the "fire 'n' ice" pickle thing: dump out the brine and replace it with sugar and hot pepper flakes. Everyone says that the pickles come out crispier than they were to start. According to Harold McGee, "...the sugar draws water out of the cucumber tissue so that it's less wet and floppy, and denser. It may also firm up the cell walls to some extent..." So, that's a bit of the science behind it.
Here's a link to a recipe which apparently appeared in Southern Living in 2004:
and a video demonstration that gives a bit more info:
Good luck!
Trena H. June 13, 2013
I think you're on the right track with relish. I had this happen to me a few years back and I added the soft pickles to thousand island dressing, tuna sandwiches, potato salads. Essentially I used them instead of relish and this worked really well.
GreenEats June 13, 2013
Thanks! I was thinking of relish or mixing with Greek yogurt and buttermilk for some sort of sauce.
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