What to do with tasteless fish?

Our normally reliable fish market sold us steel-head trout that are tasteless. Cooking method was a simple oven roast, with lemon slices and S&P in the cavity; cooked to 125 degrees; served with mustard cream sauce. Not all the mustard cream sauce in the ramekin could make up for the meh flavor. There are two more LARGE fish in the freezer. Apart from cooking them for the three cats and the dog...any thoughts?



Sam1148 August 31, 2018
Spice them up with a Mexican mix of 'taco' type seasoning and make fish tacos.
scruz August 29, 2018
like another poster, i'd vote for fish soup. i've been making both chicken and beef (short ribs) broth and i always have either raw or oven cooked fish (ling cod or wild alaska salmon) on hand. either goes into the broths with fresh separately cooked veggies for really healthy soups. doesn't matter if flavorful or mild fish.
HalfPint August 29, 2018
If you have access to fish sauce, make ca kho to (Vietnamese braised fish):

One of my childhood favorites, the fish steaks are braised in an intense caramel-y sauce. So wonderful with plain white rice.

Or poach in sauce: https://chinesegrandma.com/2015/05/soy-sauce-poached-fish/

If you can find a recipe where the fish is braised or poached in a highly seasoned liquid, it should help with bland fish. Good luck!
Nancy August 29, 2018
Make a fish stew or soup that depends on other elements for its flavor. Two that jump for late summer hot weather are a corn chowder (add the fish to any recipe that you like) and various south Indian fish curries. For example:
PS Also let your fishmonger know of the bland taste...feedback always helps...maybe something is going on in that patch of water where they get their fish.
Nancy August 29, 2018
should read: "jump to mind"
inpatskitchen August 29, 2018
Two options come to mind: If you have access to a smoker, smoked trout is wonderful or you could make a flavorful stuffing (maybe with crab) and do a whole roast.
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