recipe for bitter almond olive oil cake that is a specialty of central Italy. Lazio Tuscany

I ate this twice when I was living in Italy. I was always told it was specialty of norther italy

  • Posted by: fhp
  • July 29, 2012


Greenstuff July 30, 2012
I've been watching and watching this question, waiting for an answer. Bitter almonds are also big in Scandinavian cooking, but to the best of my knowledge they are not available in the US. I thought it was because of cyanide content, but a quick look at google reveals a whole lot of people arguing about cancer cures, Salmonella, and other distractions.

My own small experience with bitter almonds was an extract that just tasted really almondy. Anyone have the full story?
chef O. July 30, 2012
I don't have one but would wager that google does
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