substitute for lamb shoulder?

I was planning on making a curry that called for lamb shoulder, but none of the grocery stores around me carry it. They do have leg of lamb, but I know that's considerably leaner. What would be a better substitute, leg of lamb, or maybe pork shoulder or something else?



jsdunbar July 31, 2012
Your butcher will bone a leg of lamb for you. Then you can cube it.
Tarragon July 31, 2012
It is not hard to take the meat off of a lamb shank. If I can do it anyone can! I also did this for a lamb stew, and it came out great.
Tony S. July 31, 2012
Leg of lamb will work, you just have to braise it for about 3 hours. There are many middle eastern braises that call for leg of lamb. Just cube it and make sure your liquid will hold up for that long of a cooking period. If you are using coconut milk, you probably want to wait to add that until the end.
linzarella July 31, 2012
This is hammering home the point that I need to get better at my butchery skills. However I don't think that's on the menu for today. Any non-knife skills solutions?
pierino July 31, 2012
Lamb shank if you are ready to strip the meat off with a sharp boning knife. OR you could use the shanks whole in your curry mix: cut the tendons and french the bone so that the meat balls up.
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