Need recipe for kolache

I want to recreate my favorite pastry from childhood, kolache, which is a delectable treat of Czech and Polish extraction. I'm not interested in the savory version. Wonderful ethnic bakeries kept a steady supply of these in our kitchen, but now I live far from these bakeries. The version I want to recreate used a cream cheese-based dough, not a yeast dough. I'll be so appreciative if anyone can help! (Also spelled kolacky)

  • Posted by: ATL
  • August 3, 2012


ATL August 3, 2012
Thank you everyone! I have hope I can enjoy this again!
Stephanie G. August 3, 2012
I think King Arthur Flour's website has the best recipe. It has variations for fruit filling & sausage.
Nozlee S. August 3, 2012
Lisa Fain at Homesick Texan has a recipe as well:
HalfPint August 3, 2012
Here's another cream cheese-based kolache with a different presentation:
HalfPint August 3, 2012
Sorry my bad, you wanted cream cheese not yeast dough.

Well here's one with the cream cheese dough:
HalfPint August 3, 2012
Here's one with the yeast dough. I haven't tried it but it looks very tasty:
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