For Parmesan Macarons, can Almond Flour be replaced with powdered Parmesan?

I'd like to make a savory Macaron and my idea was something along the lines of Parmesan Macarons with a rosemary prosciutto mousse as the filling. For the Macarons I'd like to use Parmesan instead of Almond Flour to ensure the flavor profile is correct. It seems as though powdered Parmesan could work similarily to flour but I'm not sure how it would affect the recipe.

Joel Bogolub


Ttrockwood September 30, 2018
I agree that altering a macaron recipe won’t end well.

For a savory “sandwich cookie” you could do savory meringue cookies with the filling and shape similar to a macaron for that look- there are some recipes that are just beaten egg whites with fine grated cheese baked at a low heat for a long time. Much less fussy than a macaron too
Kristina September 29, 2018
The almond flour provides structure. Cheese melts, almond flour does not. If you try this sub, it becomes similar to soufflé I'd expect that the macarons would come out raised, then flattened, and possibly separated (depending on the cheese.)
Nancy September 29, 2018
Agree with Kristina on what would happen with the cheese instead of almond in macaron. Not pretty.
But/and if you want to make a dish (hors d'oeuvre?) combining the mousse with some kind of Parmesan vehicle, consider these:
* Parmesan shortbread - lots of recipes out there
* Savory biscotti. Lou Pappas has a recipe for double corn biscotti with, if memory serves, some Parmesan.
* frico. A crispy wafer made of shredded Parmesan baked on a sheet pan.
* homemade crackers with Parmesan mixed into the dough.
Wish you success in your experimenting/recipe development.
Nancy September 30, 2018
Recipes, for example:
1) shortbread
2) biscotti. Revised credit: recipe is by Marie Piraino.
3) frico
4) crackers
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