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Q: can you make a lemon cheese cake without loads of cream cheese in it?

asked by @SWFCWidow about 6 years ago
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added about 6 years ago

Sorry to say, cheesecake consist sof mainly cheese. Cream cheese or sometimes ricotta. I suggest to make a good one and then just take a tiny sliver. They say only the first 3 bites matter for flavor. After that it is only pigging out.

But ricotta is lmuch ower in fat and salt. Look for ricotta cheesecake recipes, It is not the same texture as the high fat kind, but it is good.

To reduce a normal cheesecake a bit, look for lower fat or Nufchachel cheese.

Foodpickle is not a recipe service, just for tips and emergencies, so search the internet. Many good sites are out there with recipes.

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added about 6 years ago

You might rethink it if it's the fat you are concerned with. You could make a honey yogurt pie in a cookie crust, using honey, lemon, butter, eggs, flour and yogurt--kind of like a custard pie, but denser and tangy with the texture of light cheesecake.

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