Hi foodpickle, I have a lot green tomatoes in my garden, any good recipes out there other than fried?


innoabrd November 6, 2010
Love CoolFoodie's suggestion to use in a pie. But what sort of spicing?
Homemadecornbread November 5, 2010
Use them like tart apples, in a pie. Delicious!
luvcookbooks November 5, 2010
just brought my green tomatoes in from the garden. thanks for asking this great foodpickle.
mainecook61 November 4, 2010
Green tomato jam/preserves. Kind of marmalade-y, since you add citrus. Sets up nicely without commercial pectin. Yummy on hot biscuits.
Midge November 4, 2010
I made fiveandspice's green tomato pickles with mine and they are killer on sandwiches: http://www.food52.com/recipes/6911_the_farmers_brown_bag_lunch
innoabrd November 4, 2010
They make really, really good pickles. Had a relative who made them when I was a kid. Much like a dill pickle or a dilly bean, with a bit more chili, as I recall.
Nora November 4, 2010
To add to the salsa idea, if you like a little heat add a chipotle pepper when you blend or process the salsa. It will freeze well. You can also freeze the green tomatoes and make salsa later.
Bettie K. November 4, 2010
Last year I found a Paula Deen recipe on the food network website for a green tomato cake! Very moist, and you'd never suspect it contained tomato.
foodfighter November 4, 2010

Curried Green Tomato Pickle available here.
Mr_Vittles November 4, 2010
I agree with Merrill. Roast them in a hot oven, with garlic, onions, and some jalapenos. Blend and add some chopped cilantro. Yum.
Merrill S. November 4, 2010
How about a green tomato salsa?
aargersi November 4, 2010
Two of my absolute FAVORITES - I have b oth canned on my shelves and I feel sad when I start to run out


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