Freeze-Dried Spinach?

Just arrived in my latest (and last!) ------stan country. Fresh spinach isn't available (at least recently) and the availability of frozen spinach is sporadic. Is freeze-dried a viable option when it's used in frittatas or quiche or other dishes where it's not the main event? I've used freeze dried bell peppers before with mixed results.

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • September 3, 2012


Melusine September 26, 2012
Thank you -- I did try the product and it worked great stirred into a skillet full of home fries and served with eggs.

I've used the freeze dried peppers before and again, in the absence of the real thing, and using them as an accent vs. a main event, they're OK. In the parts of the world where bell peppers are available -- no real reason for them. The only advantage -- they don't make a homemade 1,000 Island Dressing get watery after just a couple of days.
Nozlee S. September 25, 2012
How interesting! I think as long as you don't need the spinach to have leafy texture or a bright green color, you could easily use it in egg dishes, casseroles, and soups. Saag paneer would be a stretch, for instance, but quiche would totally work.

It kind of makes sense to me that freeze-fried bell peppers might be weird -- they have such a high water content that removing them wouldn't leave you with much!
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