20# of rutabaga. Any ideas, outside of lots of butter, cream and boiling?



mainecook61 September 5, 2012
Why do you need to use them up all at once? Kept in a cool place with some humidity, rutabaga will keep for a while, like most root crops. They are never refrigerated in a supermarket, but heaped up with the squashes (although the skin is sometimes waxed for extra storability). Storage also makes them sweeter. I assume these are from a CSA? Somebody planted their rutabaga too early! (It thrives on cooler fall weather and can then sit in the ground until needed.)
kitblu September 5, 2012
I like both the above suggestions. I layer thin slices of rutabaga and onions; rutabaga layer is about 3 slices high with a single layer of onions. Sprinkle with herbs/spices of choice - I use red chili flakes, garlic powder and maybe oregano. Next a thin layer of cheese - I use feta; repeat layers with respect to how tall the dish is. I end with layer of onion. Pour in water, broth or stock to fill bottom quarter of dish. Cover and bake at 350F until done or almost - make sure liquid doesn't evaporate before dish is done. I top with shredded cheddar until melted. I have to fight off some of my friends to get the crispy cheesy onions on the top.
hardlikearmour September 5, 2012
You could make and freeze a batch of pasties to use up some of them.
I like them cubed and roasted, then tossed with equal parts softened butter, miso and Dijon mustard, and drizzled with maple syrup to taste.
Summer O. September 5, 2012
Chips? I am making rutabaga fries tonight. I also like to put them on an apple peeler and make ribbons to sauté. Surely you could pickle some of it.
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