Is brown butter the same as ghee?

Is brown butter the same as ghee (Indian clarified butter)? I don't think it is because ghee is yellow and brown butter is brown, but read somewhere that they were the same?

  • Posted by: janki
  • September 25, 2012


Panfusine September 25, 2012
BB is basically butter cooked into ghee and used along with the browned milk solids, GHee is filtered to remove the crusty bits
petitbleu September 25, 2012
On a side note, the uses for brown butter and ghee are very different. Brown butter is used primarily to add flavor to a dish, and it is often used as a finishing element (or, it can be used in baked goods for another layer of deliciousness). Ghee is often used in place of olive or vegetable oil when sautéing. One of the reasons for ghee's prominence in Indian cuisine is because removing the milk solids extends the shelf life of butter (which is definitely an advantage for those without refrigeration in hot climes). Also, dairy products hold something of an esteemed place in Indian cooking--to oversimplify a bit, it's part of the life-giving force of the sacred cow.
ChefOno September 26, 2012

Re: Sacred cow. You never know what you'll learn each day when you wake up in the morning. Thanks.

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Ghee is made by browning the butter, then removing the flavorful fat, leaving the solids behind. French beurre noisette (brown butter) leaves the solids in.

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ChefOno September 25, 2012

In this case, you can trust your eyes. Brown butter contains the browned milk solids, ghee does not.

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