Celery Root vs. Celeriac?

For the first time I planted celery. The celery itself wasn't so great but I do have great root bulbs from the celery. Can I use the bulbs in the the same way I would use celeriac?

  • Posted by: SKK
  • September 29, 2012


darksideofthespoon September 29, 2012
I adore Celeriac. It's great as a puree. If I make a puree I'll usually serve it alongside beef or venison.
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Celeriac is a variety of Apium graveolens grown specifically for its root bulb; it is, however, the same plant as stalk celery. Go ahead and use it! (If the stalks were sub-par, I wonder if you actually have a celeriac cultivar there...)
SKK September 29, 2012
Thank you - started this from seed and the package said celery. Thanks for distinguishing the two for me.
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