substitute for amaretto

is there something I can use to replace a tablespoon of amaretto in a clafouti?

  • Posted by: peach49
  • October 2, 2012


thebunalsorises October 3, 2012
I like Frangelico, it's hazelnut.
amysarah October 2, 2012
You don't mention what fruit you're using in your clafoutis, but if it's cherry, kirsch (non-sweet cherry brandy) is classic. If you want a nutty flavor to replace the amaretto, besides the aforementioned Frangelico, Nocello would be a good choice - delicious italian walnut liqueur.
peach49 October 2, 2012
thank you all! great ideas
Reiney October 2, 2012
Almond extract's a great suggestion - but I wouldn't put a tablespoon in! Just a 1/2 teaspoon or so.

Other liqueurs - Frangelico (hazelnut), Galliano (spiced vanilla), brandy (particularly Calvados). A sweet white wine might also work such as sauternes, moscato, gewurtztraminer - these you could reduce 1/4c down to a tablespoon, and even infuse with a spice such as vanilla, clove, cinnamon or star anise if desired.
pierino October 2, 2012
I do like the Frangelico suggestion. About the same alcohol content as amaretto. And yes, my first fall back would be almond extract.
Mark M. February 6, 2016
Was told to make amaretto sour, funny thing was my bar ran out of amaretto... Saved my ass here thanks so much Reiney saved me with the Galliano spiced vanilla substitute, personally I think it gives it a more textured Taste!

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Greenstuff October 2, 2012
Almond extract.
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Any other liqueur will do. If you want to avoid the alcohol, a tablespoon of apple juice. If you're really stuck, a tablespoon of water.
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