Can I make Brown Butter Candied Apple Clafoutis in a springform pan?

Wondering if I can do this in a springform pan? Has anyone tried this

  • Posted by: Laurelb
  • November 24, 2012


Amanda H. November 24, 2012
As long as your springform pan has a tight seal it should work well -- if you're concerned you can always wrap the outside with a layer of foil to catch drips.
amysarah November 24, 2012
I don't know if it will work (a clafoutis is sort of custardy at its center) - but a clafoutis is traditionally served directly from the dish it's baked in, and is lovely that way, so not sure unmolding it would add much.
peicook November 24, 2012
I am anxious to see who will answer this definitively. I always make Clafoutis in a ceramic quiche pan.I really don't see why it would not work except to say that make sure your springform is liquid tight because Clafoutis batter is not thick.
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