What is the right internal temp for a roast boneless pork shoulder (butt)?

Epicurious recipe says 190F. That seems too high.

Scott P.


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ChefOno October 6, 2012

Well….. not so fast. If your recipe is for pulled pork, 190F is spot on. That cut needs the extra time and temperature to render the fat and convert the connective tissue to gelatin.

Otherwise, yes, pork is at its peak between 135-140 (and any little worms will be dead by 140 although that's very rare these days). USDA minimum is now 145F if memory serves, to allow for user error, dial thermometers, etc. Use a digital thermometer, probe a few different spots, and remember we're discussing final temps (allow for some carryover depending upon how hot your oven is).

pierino October 6, 2012
It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too high. Even the USDA will tell you 140F these days. But the roast will have to rest tented with foil (or a towel) for 10 to 15 minutes after coming out of the oven. It's no longer "the other white meat".
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