leftover rice

I am making scallops w/ mushrooms and asparagus. I have some leftover white jasmine rice from dinner last night...what should I do to it to serve it tonight?

Madame Sel


Bombay C. October 8, 2012
In South India, where we consume loads and loads of rice, leftover rice is commonly rehashed to be eaten again later.
- You could make lemon rice by flavouring some hot oil with mustard seeds, red chilli, turmeric, peanuts and lots of lemon juice and mixing this in with the rice. Tastes great with fried fish.
- Another very popular way of renewing it is to made curd rice - Mix in milk and yoghurt that have been whisked together, heat a little oil in a wok, throw in a some mustard seeds, finely chopped ginger, green chillies and curry leaves and then the rice-curd mixture. Heat without letting the mixture boil (it will split if you boil it) and serve with poppadom.
- Leftover rice stir fried with scrambled egg/flaked fish, pepper and salt takes great too.
- On my blog, I have one of our latest favourites - Pear and Bacon fried rice. http://bombaychowparty.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/and-then-she-took-a-pear/
Daisy A. October 8, 2012
I like to re-steam it and serve it as is. Once I start eating I mix it with whatever sauce my main dish has produced. Sauté those mushrooms with some butter or olive oil to make a quick little mushroom gravy.
drbabs October 8, 2012
I had leftover brown rice tonight and stir fried it with vegetables and served it with roast chicken.
Sam1148 October 8, 2012
Cold rice leftover rice is perfect for fried rice...with peas and carrots.

Tho you could re-steam it with some veggies and add some lemon zest--which might pare better with your main course.
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