Beans getting mushy

Do dried beans get mushy/ overcooked when cooked in a nonstick pot? If so, why?

Rachel Zarrow


Sam1148 October 9, 2012
I never heard of the teflon connection. But, if you have *Very* soft water--that can make the beans mushy. Just adjust the cooking time and use a low simmer.

We have the opposite problem with hard water and that can be counteracted with a pinch of baking soda and I mean just a pinch or they will mush.

If it's a problem that happens often for you, you might try again with distilled water for the cooking process.
Kenzi W. October 9, 2012
They shouldn't! Two things that will make them mushy though? If you over-stir, or if you boil too vigorously. Otherwise, use your nonstick pot as you will.
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