A question about a recipe: Savory Swiss Chard Tart

i was given a wonderful savory swiss chard tart, it is delicious but too large for us to eat at one sitting. it is completely baked and i want to know if i can freeze the uneaten portions. if so, how and for how long and how to thaw ad bake. thanks for all the help

  • Posted by: alienor
  • October 22, 2012
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1 Comment

ChefJune October 22, 2012
It probably depends upon what the ingredients are in the tart, and how it has been stored. When you received it, was it frozen? If it was frozen and you've thawed it out, you probably can heat the part you want and refreeze the rest. It wil likely suffer some in quality. I wouldn't leave it in the freezer more than a week.

Has the tart already been baked? or is it one you are supposed to bake? If you bake it off then you can cut a section to freeze, no problem.

OTOH, if it was already baked and given to you, I'd invite a few folks over to help eat it and not try to save it for another time.
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