accidentally underbaking savory tart

i forgot to turn the temp up after i had pre-baked. the savory tart had 3 eggs in it and mascarpone among other things. it baked for 25 mins. at 29 degrees C less than it should have. i gave it to someone who'd paid for it and was instructed to fully heat it up in an oven or toaster oven. this was to b consumed by her and her husband -- no guests. she said it fell apart and wouldn't open my message in which i state i'll give a partial or full refund. a mutual friend gave her a full refund. i'm wondering (1) would it have been unsafe to eat cuz of the eggs (2) if she had given it high heat for 5-10 mins. would it have rectified the situation? a friend said it would have if it was soon after it came out of the oven (this was the case).

  • Posted by: alan
  • November 12, 2020


Nancy November 12, 2020
Alan, sorry to say but there are more questions here than about food safety and repairing a mistake.
I would also ask myself about selling a product below standards of preparation, safety and/or aesthetics...
Any cook can decide for himself whether an experimental or botched and fixed dish can be served for home or family use.
But when you're selling prepared food, it's the client who decides. No matter who she's serving.
Lori T. November 12, 2020
I presume the tart was refrigerated until it was reheated by the customer. In that case, there should not have been safety concerns. Although your filling may not have been as firmly set as it should have been, it would also have had problems due to the unbaked dough underneath, and nearer the center. You can re-bake pies and tarts that you have mistakenly underbaked, of course. Texture can suffer some, but at least it is edible. Most of the time you use a moderate heat, about 180C, to complete the task. High heat is not a great idea for egg and cheese baked tarts either, because it encourages the proteins to really tighten up and squeeze out liquid, until it becomes a lump of rubbery pellets. I don't know how much time to guestimate to complete cooking either, because that depends on the size and depth of your tart, how cold or warm it was going into the oven, as well as the degree of under cooking.
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