Fix for lumpy frosting?

I'm making a cream cheese frosting, and blended the butter and cream cheese together, and feeling lazy, did not sift the powdered sugar before dumping the first cup in, and now my frosting is lumpy. Any fixes? Should I bother sifting the remaining powdered sugar or chalk it up to lost cause and embrace the lumps?

Lindsay-Jean Hard


Droplet October 25, 2012
I would advise against using a blender, that will render your frosting too runny and you will not be able to reverse that, no matter what.
Nozlee S. October 25, 2012
You could also try using an immersion blender (!) to whizz out the lumps, as long as the frosting is in a tall/skinny container.
louisez October 24, 2012
I often feel lazy -- and don't sift the confectioners' sugar. Beating well (I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer) takes care of the lumps -- given time and patience. It's also important to have the butter and cream cheese at room temperature. No need to embrace the lumps.
Lindsay-Jean H. October 24, 2012
Thank you!

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hardlikearmour October 24, 2012
Sift your remaining powdered sugar. Scrape the lumpy mixture through a strainer (the largest grid size you have) to get most if not all of the lumps out, then add in the sifted powdered sugar. I assume since you haven't added all the sugar the frosting will push through the strainer pretty easily.
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