A question about a recipe: Peach Pie Ice Cream

I have a question about the ingredient "almond or cashew butter (optional)" on the recipe "Peach Pie Ice Cream" from Gena Hamshaw. How can I replace this ingredient?

Peach Pie Ice Cream
Recipe question for: Peach Pie Ice Cream


Lindsay-Jean H. November 2, 2012
I missed that the coconut oil is there to help the peaches brown, so I completely agree with Greenstuff - if you're not vegan, I'd go with butter too!
Greenstuff November 2, 2012
I'm quite sure that you'll be fine without the almond or cashew butter, but I disagree a little bit with Lindsay-Jean about the coconut oil, which seems like it's included to help brown the peaches. If you don't care about keeping the dish vegan, you might use butter. Otherwise, I'd suggest brushing the peaches with just a little bit of another oil.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 2, 2012
I think you also asked about replacing the coconut oil, but the thread seems to have disappeared. If you can't find coconut oil, I would try the recipe without it. Attempting to substitute with a different oil will result in a softer ice cream since coconut oil is a solid at room temperature (or colder).
JessicaMKalber November 2, 2012
Thank you for the answer! But do you think it would work without the coconut oil and the almond or cashew butter?
Greenstuff November 2, 2012
It's an optional ingredient--you can just leave it out.
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