Beef Wellington. My husband suggested this for Christmas dinner. But he does not eat mushrooms. Can I substitute something in their place?

Lucia from Madison


Cory B. December 13, 2017
So, I think (aside from flavor) part of the point of the mushrooms is to absorb the meat juices and keep the pastry from getting soggy. As long as whatever you replace it with does that job instead of adding more liquid, you should be fine. I've heard of people using caramelized onions or even chestnuts (I personally wouldn't go the chestnut route, but that's a matter of taste).

I've seen some recipes that use a spinach mixture and then wrap the whole thing in prosciutto before adding the pastry, which sounds pretty great to me. I haven't personally used this recipe, but it reads like it will work just fine:
BerryBaby December 13, 2017
Beef tenderloin roast is delicious on its own. I love making it because it is easy and elegant. Serve it with a Béarnaise sauce, Hassleback potatoes and aspargus. One of my most favorite meals. One tip, do not over cook, a meat thermometer is a must. Good luck! BB
Nancy December 13, 2017
Lots of ways to go on this.
One, just omit the mushrooms. They add a nice flavor note (if you like them), but are a small volume in most recipes. If you omit them, there is still a lot of flavor from the pate and the puff pastry. Not to mention the beef.
Two, if you really want to use another veg, chestnuts or onions might work. Not from same plant family or flavor profile, but each could add flavor and - with chestnuts - a traditional Christmas note.
Three, if you want to use a fungus and indulge in luxury, add a truffle when you assemble the dish.
Last, if none of these suit and the beef tenderloin rather than the Wellington recipe is your focus, consider some of these other recipes and flavor profiles for your holiday table.
BerryBaby December 13, 2017
Great suggestions, Nancy! BB
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