Substituting Cornstarch for Flour In Polvorones; Other Recipes?

I've just made a batch of Polvorones (similar to or = to Mex Wedding Cakes) using equal amounts of ground pecans and cornstarch, a little sugar, and butter and vanilla. They get coated w/ conf. sugar. They are melt-in-your-mouth delicate lovely and their mouthfeel is , oddly enough, lard-like. Have you experienced that mouthfeel w/ a recipe like this? Is there any reason one would not want to use cornstarch in a cookie recipe? I'm wondering: this dough is kind of like a pie dough but is too wet/soft to be used for that. But could cornstarch be substituted for flour in other baking recipes and what would be the result?Just curious! TIA

LeBec Fin
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1 Comment

jsdunbar November 20, 2012
My inherited shortbread recipe uses equal parts cornstarch & flour. I've assumed the cornstarch is what makes the shortbreads melt in the mouth.
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