Any suggestions on making this vegetarian-friendly, to satisfy the vegetarians at Thanksgiving? Should I just put the lardons on the side, or is t... something I can substitute with



AntoniaJames November 20, 2012
I've made it both with and without bacon. It's delicious both ways! Yes, put the lardons on the side for people who want them. I'd probably put some toasted pumpkin seeds in or as an optional add-on it, too, if leaving out the bacon. Your guests will love it!! ;o) P.S. Gee, now I'm thinking about adding it to my menu, too. It is so, so good, and perfect for a holiday meal.
linzarella November 20, 2012
AJ, Pumpkin seeds is a great idea, I think that's exactly what I'm going to do, and just leave out the lardons entirely since we already have them in a few other dishes. By the way, I first had (& fell for) this salad when Amanda & Merrill came to Omnivore Books...if I remember correctly, it was you who made it and I couldn't stop eating it!
broccolirose November 20, 2012
I think this salad would still be fantastic and refreshing without the bacon. There's still a lot of different flavors and textures going on as a meatless version- if you think some of your guests would prefer the lardons you could definitely serve them on the side.
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