I made this dressing once before for a dinner party and the flavor was delicious! I tried doubling the recipe this time because we loved it so muc...

...h, but it came out VERY oily in flavor. I tried to balance it with a little dijon mustard, orange juice, and sugar. It helped a little, but the flavor is nowhere near as good as it was the first time I made the recipe.

  • Posted by: Anna
  • December 30, 2016


caninechef January 3, 2017
Did you use the same oil( type and brand) both times? My salad dressings can vary a lot depending on the oil used.
Lost_in_NYC December 31, 2016
When doubling recipes, its best to go a light-handed on the more 'heavy' ingredients (oil/vinegars, ingredients with a stronger flavor, certain spices, etc) as they can easily over-power the taste one is trying to achieve. Its better to add in little by little until you reach the taste & consistency you're looking for. As they say in cooking, you can always 'add' but you can't 'subtract (ingredients)!'

Perhaps the doubled amount of oil in this recipe was too much for the quantity you were making and might needed less?
Anna December 31, 2016
Thank you so much! I will keep this in mind from now on.
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