Buying fresh perogies in Lower Manhattan?

I am staying in LES for a few weeks, and can't imagine that there isn't somewhere very near by where I can pick up fresh perogies to cook at home? I am planning a little get-together for Sunday afternoon and would love to have some better-than-our-usual perogies to work with, for a little something special (and yes, I *would* love to make them myself, but it isn't going to happen this time around). Searches only point me to restaurants...



threefresheggs November 24, 2012
Thanks Ruthy & LnO, As a long-term Brooklynite, exiled to Manhattan to await the recovery of my home post-Sandy, I am sort-of invested in indulging the Manhattan fantasy of being able to get whatever within a few-to-several block radius – heading back over the bridges would burst my bubble. Greenpoint, being rather poorly served by the MTA (much like my neighborhood), I would be looking at several transfers to get there from as low and east as I am. Oh, how the charm fades! I am going to stick to my walking-distance only fantasy, pay the perogie calories forward, and walk the half-hour to find the grocery at 2nd Ave – I can always go to Veselka on the way back if I fail : ) Thanks for the help!
LnO November 23, 2012
Just go across the Williamsburg Bridge to Greenpoint. Huge concentration of Polish stores and restaurants.
Omeletta November 23, 2012
Veselka on 2nd and i believe 9th street does great peroigis that i think you can purchase to bring home. If not, there is a polish grocery up at 2nd and about 12th that would probably be the best bet. Good luck!
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