How do you grind up Parmesan cheese in a Food Processor? Mines been broken long time, just got a new one and don't remember. Drop chunks down while it's running?



innoabrd January 23, 2011
I like a good, old-fashioned hand grater. Never really liked the micro-plane thing. I want my parmesan to have a bit more oomph than snow....
RobertaJ January 22, 2011
Pulse, pulse, pulse. Don't just lean on the "on" button. I get the best results from the "metal" blade, not any of the disks, for Parm/Romano. Fairly small chunks and pulse, pulse, pulse.
RavensFeast January 21, 2011
True, true. A snowpocalypse of parmigiano.
pierino January 21, 2011
Forget the food processor and go straight to the Microplane grater. You'll have clouds of parmigiano in seconds.
nutcakes January 21, 2011
Got it, just noticed the pin.
nutcakes January 21, 2011
Oh gosh. found the stem, can't figure out how to attach it to the blade. Now to look for the book...I'm almost out of time.
RavensFeast January 21, 2011
You could simply use your basic attachments for grating, wide or fine.
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