Spare cheese to use

I have about 2 kg of spare bits of differing cheeses, some with fruit, some blue and some smoked. Any ideas please!

  • Posted by: Lindz
  • December 14, 2012


tjrf915 December 14, 2012
Make an amazing cheese risotto. I might omit the cheese with the fruit in it, but otherwise you really can't go wrong. I also love biscuits with cheese in them, and have found that many different cheeses work well. This is an excellent recipe that uses blue cheese for the biscuits, and while it is truly delicious with the tomato cobbler underneath, the biscuits are equally as good on their own with a little honey butter.
HalfPint December 14, 2012
Maybe you can make Fromage Fort which seemed designed to use up leftover cheese and think the cheese with fruit would work here too.
SeaJambon December 14, 2012
Another idea -- whip up a batch of gougeres and separate the dough so that you can stir in different flavorings to different dough. Gougeres with blue cheese and/or parm are AMAZING! And I'll bet a number of the bits you have would also be fantastic add ins.
LucyS December 16, 2012
I was about to suggest this! For an election party I made gougeres with sharp cheddar cheese and cayenne and they tasted exactly like grown-up goldfish crackers. I bet they would be wonderful with a smoked cheese.
SeaJambon December 14, 2012
Classic use is to bundle up and boil in broth to add intense flavoring to soup. Typically, that's done with the ends of parmesan or other hard cheeses (look up some minestrone recipes). So, if you have some hard ends, that's what I'd do. Otherwise, you might think about separating the sweet from savoring, and gently melting the savory to create a fondue type dip. It really will depend on exactly what you have. And, there's always a "bits and pieces" cheese plate -- you could have fun with that, like make it a "tasting" plate and have people vote for the one they like best...
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