When to make desserts

I'm making a gingerbread dark molasses cake (from the book Cook Fight; fairly simple one-layer cake) and a simple chocolate whiskey tart (from the book Baked Elements; it's essentially a french silk pie, from what I can tell) for Christmas. Would it be too soon to make one or both of these today instead of Monday?



WannabeBaker December 21, 2012
Awesome, thanks guys! It's good to know I can get at least one of my desserts out of the way now - will make my life a lot easier on Monday!
boulangere December 21, 2012
I agree with Kenzi on both counts. You're fine to go ahead a prepare the molasses cake in advance. Molasses is an invert sugar (basically, a sugar which remains in solution); invert sugars are very hygroscopic, meaning that they will pull moisture out of the atmosphere and guarantee long-term tenderness as a result. The lovely pie, though, I'd save for Monday for best results.
Kenzi W. December 21, 2012
I'd say go forth on the molasses cake -- that one may even improve with age. (If you're nervous, freeze it and bring back down to room temp the day of.) If the other is like a French silk pie, I'd be worried about it getting soggy if you made it too far in advance. I might save that for making closer to Christmas.
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