How long does this keep, if well wrapped? I see Panettone in the local shops, starting weeks before Christmas. I'd love this to be my baked holida...

...y treat to send/deliver locally next year, if it keeps for 4-5 days. Thanks so much. ;o

Grandma DiLaura's Panettone
Recipe question for: Grandma DiLaura's Panettone


boulangere December 21, 2012
I've not made this particular recipe, but I've always had great luck with panettone holding for the time you mention. The soaked fruits (whether you use water or brandy or wine), all that butter, and eggs (in mine) contribute to lasting tenderness. What really helps is soaking the fruits because you're dissolving sugars, creating invert sugars which are very hygroscopic (haven't we recently had this conversation?), meaning they will pull moisture out of the atmosphere. Sally forth! Your lucky friends will love your thoughtfulness.
Kristen M. December 21, 2012
It keeps really well, especially if you're planning on eating it toasted, with butter (which you should).
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