Cook temp if not frozen?

  • Posted by: HeatherM
  • December 24, 2012
Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day
Recipe question for: Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day


cratecooking December 24, 2012
Cook it at the temperature it recommends and just reduce the cooking time. You'll want the crust to remain golden brown so again, keep an eye on it :). Best of luck and happy holidays!
HeatherM December 24, 2012
Many thanks!
cratecooking December 24, 2012
Reduce the temperature by 25 degrees. You'll most likely need to add approximately 15-20 minutes to the cooking time so keep an eye on it!
HeatherM December 24, 2012
Sorry about my lack of detail above - I couldn't edit after the fact. The recipe is written for cooking from frozen, so I'm wondering how long & hot to cook if I'm making it fresh and it's already warm. None of the ingredients are raw but the crust. I see a lot of other recipes that still use 400 and cook to browned/bubbly so I may go with that. Let me know if this changes your answer, Susan! :)
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