Cooking this has I type -wondering if adding nutmeg work ? Am a fan of chicken pot pies with nutmeg...thanks so much !!

Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day
Recipe question for: Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day


Pat H. February 15, 2015
Thanks Greenstuff and Antonia ! Added the nutmeg - so far everything istasting on track! ...Made extra potpies to give to my daughters who both have new babies..didn't want to mess up such a large amount, thanks again!
AntoniaJames February 15, 2015
I think a touch of nutmeg would be nice here - it goes so well with thyme in savory dishes, especially where cream is involved. Go easy on it, however, as nutmeg can dominate if you add too much. Hope this helps. ;o)
Greenstuff February 15, 2015
Has, nutmeg would work well.
Greenstuff February 15, 2015
Gotta turn autocorrect off some day, yes not has! Anyway, nutmeg would fit in both with the turkey and with the cream sauce. A good addition.
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