has anyone tried lining the loaf pans with puff pastry sheet, filling that crust, topping it with puff pastry as suggested, and then freezing and...

...baking them?

Rebecca Cherry
Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day
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LeBec F. February 9, 2015
suggestion: nothing you can do would get the bottom layer baked properly, because the wet filling sits on top of it instead of it being open to the hot air of the oven. Suggest you only use a top crust. I also keep mine covered for the first 1/2 hour as it comes to room temp, to keep that top crust from burning. I then remove the foil and bake uncovered.
Mei C. February 5, 2015
I think you could do that. If you do, when you preheat your oven, stick in a cookie sheet while the oven is heating up--you want it to get nice and hot (as hot as you can get it), and then put the loaf pan directly onto the cookie sheet when you put it in to bake--this gives the bottom crust an extra jump on heat. Start with your oven about 25 degrees hotter than the recipe calls for and lower it to the regular temperature after about 20 minutes. If the top gets too brown, just cover it with foil. Also bake it about 15 minutes longer than you normally would. Good luck!
nancy E. February 4, 2015
I imagine the bottom crust would be pasty and uncooked.
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