How can tell if pumpkin pie is done cooking?



lloreen December 25, 2012
I still go by the old simple rule of inserting a toothpick so that it comes out clean...maybe I like my pie firmer than others, but this technique works great for me.
boulangere December 24, 2012
Pumpkin pie is one of those odd participants in the custard heading. The classic definition of a custard is "that which is set by the coagulation of egg protein." Most custards are baked in a water bath (discussion for another day), with the exception of pumpkin pie. The crust takes the place of the water bath. The doneness test for ANY custard, including a pumpkin pie, is when you bump the edge of the container (pie plate, ramekin, etc) and the contents "jiggle like jello but don't wiggle like a wave." A cracked custard is an overbaked custard 100% of the time. The moral of the story is not to second guess yourself. If you think it looks done, it likely is. If you give it 5 more minutes and the surface cracks in the oven, you were wrong. On the other hand, whipped cream was invented for a reason!
cratecooking December 24, 2012
You'll want your filling to appear "set" and firm.
Brette W. December 24, 2012
It shouldn't be jiggly anymore, and the top may be brown or speckled.
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