Green lemon curd?

My lemon curd turned green. It tasted great and had the perfect consistency but as it was thickening it started to turn slightly green. Has this happened to anyone? Any thoughts on how to correct this?



Diana B. December 30, 2012
And shouldn't she be "a" trusted source rather than "an" trusted source?
Diana B. December 30, 2012
Cynthia = boulangere?
boulangere December 31, 2012
Yes, and yes.
darksideofthespoon December 29, 2012
I agree with boulangere, I have made lemon curd thousands of times and the one instance it turned green was with an aluminum pot. I threw it out, which was depressing considering I had just juiced and zested 24 lemons. :(
boulangere December 30, 2012
...just in case you hadn't already gotten the point!
boulangere December 29, 2012
In what kind of pot did you make it? If not stainless steel, you've experienced a reaction between the metal and the acid in the lemon juice. In addition to producing an off color, the reaction can potentially be toxic. And yes, this happened to me the first time I ever made lemon curd . . . in an aluminum pot.
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