When you braise these meatballs in the oven,do you do it covered or uncovered?

Hungarian Meatballs
Recipe question for: Hungarian Meatballs


Glen L. December 31, 2012
Will do. Thank you for your thoughts!
Pegeen December 31, 2012
p.s. You might want to add a comment with your experience to the recipe itself... the comments are often very helpful to read
Pegeen December 31, 2012
Good to know. Thanks very much for the info. I saved the recipe after reading your post because they sounded so delicious.
Glen L. December 31, 2012
I actually did it uncovered (didn't get an answer soon enough :) ). With all the chicken broth, it still has a ton if liquid in the pot.

Only problem I've seen with the recipe is that it called for too much liquid in the meat mixture so the meatballs were a tad wet and a bit soft. You have to be a little gentle when stirring them. I did try one and it tasted phenomenal! Spicy. :)

Pegeen December 31, 2012
I haven't made them but would say "covered," since a lot of reduction has already taken place in previous steps but the meat is not yet cooked. About two-thirds of the way through the oven time, pull it out of the oven and take a look. If you think the liquid needs to evaporate more, go with your gut and slide the lid slightly off the pot - an inch or two - for the remainder of the cook time. They sound incredibly good!
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