A question about a recipe: Triple Chocolate Madness Cookies

I have a question about the recipe "Triple Chocolate Madness Cookies" from kapnic. 1/2 cup cake flour?

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  • Posted by: drbabs
  • January 15, 2013
Triple Chocolate Madness Cookies
Recipe question for: Triple Chocolate Madness Cookies


supersuki January 20, 2013
This is a bit late, but I had the same question recently and found this helpful: http://www.pastryaffair.com/blog/2012/1/10/tuesday-tip-how-to-make-cake-flour.html

drbabs January 21, 2013
Thanks. I wasn't asking for that reason; it just seemed like the fat to flour ratio was off--lots of fat, very little flour--and the cookies were very runny.
ATG117 January 15, 2013
I would think more flour is the answer
drbabs January 16, 2013
Thanks. I ended up just baking them longer. They taste good but they don't look like the picture.
drbabs January 15, 2013
Ok, here's an update. I ended up baking them for about 15 minutes. They are puffier than the photos, and probably not as wet. Still delicious.
drbabs January 15, 2013
I can't edit the question, so I'll post the details here. I'm making these now. I refrigerated the dough. After 10 minutes they are kind of a soft (delicious chocolate) mess. I'm thinking there is not enough flour relative to the amount of fat in this recipe. I baked off the first dozen (put a melted glob in vanilla ice cream-- delicious-- but not what I was going for,) and have a bowl of dough in the fridge. I'm thinking of adding more flour and baking powder. What do you think? Thanks.
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