How long will baked pie crust last at room temperature?

It will only be filled with chocolate, so the filling shouldn't spoil or make things soggy. I'd be mailing it across the country--will my pie crust still be worthwhile 2-3 days after I send my goodies?

Jordan Riley


Monita February 3, 2013
Then you should be fine. Great idea!
Monita February 3, 2013
I would be more concerned about the crust cracking. Even though it will only be filled with chocolate, moisture can still develop and effect the crust. Can you afford to send it via an overnight service? That would ensure that the pie would be in optimal condition. Alternatively - could you make mini-pies? Smaller ones might do better.
Jordan R. February 3, 2013
They're not actual pies--I'm making "kiss pies", which are basically crust wrapped around Hershey's kisses. None of the pieces will be more than a few inches wide.
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