Can anyone describe the desired consistency of this batter? The last pancakes I made from a mix was 40 years ago and I remember batter as being th...

...inner. This is quite thick and fluffy and hard to shape nice round discs

  • Posted by: fhp
  • February 14, 2013
Recipe question for: Fantastic Buttermilk Pancakes


susan G. February 19, 2013
You can make the pancakes thinner by either using less flour or adding more liquid. If you want to experiment, make up the recipe, make a test pancake, then add a little liquid at a time to get the consistency you like.
trampledbygeese February 19, 2013
Pancakes like these are usually quite runny. Usually what they call a medium batter, has some substance to it, but can be poured or ladled onto the pan. How you pour it into the griddle effects what shape the final pancake will be.
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