Going on a 4-day eating spree in NYC after living a 4-day eating spree in SF! Need a break! What are your favorite meals for a day of clean eating?



Bevi February 18, 2013
I love the Dr. Oz cleanse too. It is simple, the shopping list is transferable to regular eating, and you can do anything for 2 days. If you drink alcohol, eliminating that from your diet for about 5 days will work wonders. Drink lots of water. When I am in a pinch but don't feel like doing a shopping list, I have been making the Spicy Chicken soup, featured by Jennie about 2 months ago. Without the addition of cheese, avocado, or tortilla chips as add-ins, you have a pretty nutritious soup that has a low caloric count.

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pierino February 18, 2013
Okay, the whole ideology of "cleanse" makes me wince. I will occasionally go two weeks to a month with zero alcohol---not even wine. But when I'm NYC I usually stay in Soho and march through every East Village Jewish Deli I can find. And I'm not even Jewish. Russ and Daughters, Katz's, Yonah Schimmel's "Knishery." All of these places are on Houston. And then I'll take the train uptown to Zabar's. That's my idea of a cleanse.
AntoniaJames February 18, 2013
pierino, I've never done a cleanse before, but your kind -- especially if it involves generous quantities of pastrami on rye bread (which on principle I won't touch, except in NYC) -- sounds pretty darn good. I'm not Jewish either, but whenever I'm in NYC on business, I always insist on one meal alone (i.e., without clients), which invariably involves pastrami + rye AND a knish on Houston. ;o)
sdebrango February 18, 2013
Yes I did it once a few months ago, I am going to do it again this week. I cheat and drink coffee too!! I really like it and the psychologically knowing that its only 2 days makes it easier to do.
aargersi February 18, 2013
I do a 2 day detox 2-3 times a year, this is not a starvation cleanse but rather a system re-boot. You have to do some planning and shopping but I really like it ... as a matter of fact I am starting it today!

sdebrango February 18, 2013
I am starting the same detox from Dr. Oz!
aargersi February 18, 2013
How funny! Have you done it before? I like that it's only 2 days and I can really feel the difference. I cheat and drink coffee though - I have my limits :-)
mrslarkin February 18, 2013
How about Dirt Candy? http://www.dirtcandynyc.com/
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