Buttermilk Oatmeal Bread. I left the dough to proof overnight accidentally .. Can I still make a bread out of it?

It seems to have risen and spread out in the bowl (plenty of olive oil so the dough is still moist)



ChefJune February 21, 2013
I often find that overnight proofing improves the bread. As long as the loaf was not formed before it sat that long, everything should be fine. I'd love that recipe, Panfusine! Sounds really delicious. (Or is it already here on food52?)
Panfusine February 21, 2013
Its AntoniaJames' recipe, here's the link ChefJune.

AntoniaJames February 21, 2013
Go ahead and make it! The worst that can happen is that the texture might be off, or it might not rise normally. Even if you end up with a brick, it will probably make fine croutons, passable toast, or, failing all else, breadcrumbs, ;o)
Panfusine February 21, 2013
Thanks Antoniajames... I was waiting for a reply before I started shaping the dough .. I'll keep you posted how it turned out!
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