Storing cookies:

If I make some cookies a week prior to serving them what would be the best way to store them so they don't get dried out, stale, soggy or otherwise compromised?

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mrslarkin February 21, 2013
I agree. freeze them. You can also freeze unbaked balls of cookie dough, like chewy choco chip cookies, to bake off when you need them.
HalfPint February 21, 2013
I agree with SeaJambon, bake then freeze the cookies, unfrosted and/or unfilled until you're ready to serve them. My friend taught me this tip and at least for Choc Chip cookies, it's almost like having a freshly baked cookie.
SeaJambon February 21, 2013
For a week, I'd definitely go with freezing (as a rule, cookies freeze exceptionally well; having said that, don't know about dryer cookies like biscotti but certainly true for all the "basics"). I'd freeze as soon as completely cool (overnight will definitely accomplish, but so will an hour or two). If you can, freeze flat and then put in a zip -- for some of the softer cookies if you place them in a zip immediately, they can stick together and make things unsightly when thawing. Same for bar cookies with toppings. Most softer cookies (typical drop or bar cookies) will be beyond their best after a week if stored other than frozen -- biscotti will be just fine if stored at room temp in a air tight container. I usually plan on 3 to 5 days for reasonably freshness on soft cookies.
trampledbygeese February 21, 2013
Cookies lasting a whole week eh? A bit tricky but can be done if you have the will power.

A lot of how they will keep depends on the kind of cookie. But for your regular old moderate to dry cookie, I usually leave them to cool overnight (if it's not biscotti, then I cover it with a cotton towel) then put them in a ziplock back in the freezer, thawing them out the night before, or even in the toaster oven when it comes time to eat them.

Another option would be to cool them completely and then store them at room temperature (or a smidg cooler) in an air tight container or jar. But how successful this method depends on the cookie type.
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