Hi-it's my first time - planning to smoke a stuffed turkey for the holiday. Would anyone know if the element on the bottom of the smoker needs to be covered with lava rocks or on top of the rocks? And - please no pan necessary right?
Thanks you, Safe and Happy holidays!

  • Posted by: Kanne
  • November 23, 2010


Kayb November 24, 2010
Smoking a STUFFED turkey? What are you stuffing it with? I'd think the better option would be to cook the stuffing separately....
SweetTea November 24, 2010
PS no, no pan needed for the turkey. Good Luck!
SweetTea November 24, 2010
I'm guessing you're using an upright smoker? The charcoal pan goes inside the base with charcoal .The water pan goes in the barrel - the tall bit of the smoker - on the bottom there should be some hooks and fill with the hot water. The barrel is then set on the charcoal pan section. Put the the wire racks in the barrel section, one on top of the water pan and the other on the top hooks. Now you are all set to smoke your bird.
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