Piglet purchases

Assuming you were to purchase (2) books from the piglet, which two would you buy?

  • Posted by: LLStone
  • February 26, 2013


QueenSashy February 28, 2013
Girl and Roots
healthierkitchen February 28, 2013
Her earlier cookbooks are wonderful, too!
LLStone February 27, 2013
I am very interested in all of that. Yes, I will most likely love it! Thanks.
LLStone February 27, 2013
Do you like Salt, Sugar Smoke? I'm really considering it - I'd love for you to tell me about it and why / if you like it.
hardlikearmour February 27, 2013
I love it, though have only had it a week or so, and haven't yet cooked from it. There are at least a dozen things I want to make from it and the photos are simply gorgeous. If you're at all interested in preserving anything I imagine you will like it.
hardlikearmour February 27, 2013
I've purchased salt sugar smoke and Roots thanks to the Piglet. I've also picked up Ripe thanks to the Piglet community picks. I paged pretty intensely through most of the candidates, and it was really hard to just chose 3!
boulangere February 27, 2013
I already own Burma, but would love to have Smitten Kitchen and probably Japanese Farm Food.
LLStone February 27, 2013
Gran Cocina Latina - I'd kind of forgotten about that one. I need give that a look, too. I love the idea of Tofu, too - totally devoted to one subject, but I'm not sure I really like the subject that much! I should try more of it, though.
healthierkitchen February 28, 2013
I found a copy of Tofu at my local library!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 27, 2013
Since I was gifted Jerusalem by my sweet husband, defiently A Girl & Her Pig & Japanese Farm Food. The Smitten Kitten cookbook - completely bored me to tears, although I love her blog.
aargersi February 27, 2013
I am probab;y going to get A Girl and Her Pifg and, ironically, the Tofu one
healthierkitchen February 27, 2013
I aleady have Jerusalem and Burma and love both. I'm now thinking about Roots and Japanese Farm Food. That said, I don't generally bake and I don't cook much meat, so I'm less inclined to own Bouchon or Girl (though I'd love to page through them once or twice). I'm also interested in Gran Cocina Latina which was one of he community reviews
cookinginvictoria February 26, 2013
I would like to own the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook and Roots. However, I am also very intrigued with Japanese Farm Food.
creamtea February 26, 2013
Agree with Greenstuff. In fact I almost did buy them today. Although Bouchon is also very tempting.
LLStone February 26, 2013
Those are good ones! Burma looks great, and I have Jerusalem and love it. Due to limited space (and I need to do a purge as well), I'm considering A Girl, and Salt, Sugar, Smoke. I'm interested in what the Piglet followers might buy if getting two. Thanks.
Greenstuff February 26, 2013
Burma and Jerusalem
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