Follow up to my pumpkin cheesecake question - I think I may be in a real pickle now. It baked for an hour, rested for an hour in the oven and I just pulled it out of the oven. I decided to peel off the foil and discovered water in my "foil seal" :( Is my crust ruined? What should I do? I guess there's no way to find out other than just unmold? I was hoping to travel with it in the cake pan and unmold on Thurs.



gigiaxline November 24, 2010
Well, I unmolded the cheesecake, and poked all around the crust to see if it was soggy and it really is not. So I guess I'm okay! drbabs, I interpreted Liz to mean that I had to make the cake again. I was waiting for someone else to weigh in [and also for my unmolding] to make the final decision today. Whew! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving guys!
drbabs November 24, 2010
Liz, do you mean that s/he has to make the whole cheesecake again?
Lizthechef November 23, 2010
Check out my pumpkin cheesecake recipe on the site and take a deep yoga breath...Do it again.
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